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#TourTapesTuesday Week 1!

It's almost here!

We here at Appleseed Co. Co. know you've been waiting. Maybe you don't know you've been waiting, but we know. That floating sense of unease that sometimes passes through your mind at night, the pause when you're about to bite into your sandwich at lunch. You're about to walk out the door but... what is it, have you forgotten something?

THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER. On March 29th we will release The Tour Tapes, our brand new EP. You can rest your mind. The Tour Tapes is a 5 song live EP of brand new material taken from 2 weeks of touring on the East Coast last fall. To lead up to the EP we will be releasing a new video Tuesday each week for #TourTapesTuesday, starting TODAY! Enjoy, and please help share The Tour Tapes Trailer:

While we won't be officially releasing The Tour Tapes until March 29th, we may or may not have hard copies for secret sale at some upcoming shows in the first week of February... Here's where you can catch us in the next few months.

We're blazing some new territory in Texas next week so if you know anyone there send them out!

Thanks A Million!

Brandon Worder-Smith

&The Appleseed Collective


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