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Back to Michigan!

So Ends Another Month...

...on the road. We kayaked and ate sweet corn in Iowa, watched a meteor shower from a hot spring in New Mexico, saw a moose in Wyoming and climbed mountains in Colorado. We also played a lot of music. A looooot of music. And saw a lot of familiar faces and made a lot of new friends. #cliche

Brandon and Vinny acting fishy

Brandon and Vinny acting fishy

Eric and Emma are so edgy Today we haul eastward for 12 hours. But it's for a good reason. We will be back in our beloved mitten just in time for a few really exciting gigs. FIRST! This Thursday we'll be at Fountain Point Resort for a special lakeside concert! Tickets are only $15. The lawn opens at 6:30 and we go on at 7:30. Bring some lawn chairs, a picnic dinner, and YOB! NEXT! Hollerfest is this weekend! We play Saturday night, along with lots of other great music. SOON after that we visit the UP with dates in Marquette, Norway and Hancock. We swing around into Wisconsin to hit VOX Concert Series. THEN Earthwork Harvest Gathering is right around the corner! If you've never been to Harvest Gathering you are seriously missing out. Bring warm everything and prepare to feel the most Michigan love you've ever felt. Seriously. Last but certainly not least- we are very excited to announce our return to The Ark on October 29th with special guest Mike Vial. Get your tickets now! Alright, that's all for this one. Thanks as always for reading and supporting us. Looking forward to seeing you soon! yours, Brandon Worder-Smith &The Appleseed Collective

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