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5 Michigan Musicians You Need to Watch

Michigan is full of incredible talent. In our time on the Michigan music scene we've seen most of them, be it at festivals or dive bars. Here are 5 Michigan acts to keep an eye on (in no particular order).


5. Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers

Joe Hertler is modest and incredibly talented. The Rainbow Seekers strange antics must be experienced (think a lo-fi version of Parliament Funkadelic) and Hertler's falsetto is not to be trifled with. Check out their new release: EveningCoffee.

4. The Go Rounds

The Go Rounds have been on the scene for about 8 years and have earned the respect and even reverence that most Michigan musicians have for them. Their sound is psychedelically poppy and Graham Parsons has the voice and charisma of an angel. See them live, Graham will "take you there."

3. Lockwood

Max Lockwood is a force to be reckoned with in the Michigan music scene. He's played bass for nearly everyone (regularly appearing with May Erlewine and the Motivations), produced a handful of records, fronts a flawless Tom Petty Tribute band (The Insiders) and is currently sitting on an incredible new self-produced release for 2019.

2. Theo Katzman

Probably best known for his work with funk dynamos Vulfpeck, Katzman is an incredible singer and songwriter and drummer and basically everything. Some may say he does not qualify as a Michigan musician- he grew up in Long Island and lives in LA now- but I used to see him at an open mic in Ann Arbor way back in the day, and Katzman and Vulfpeck have both made multiple appearances at Earthwork Harvest Gathering.

I remember being so into Katzman's It's Gonna Be Hard For You, already 5 years old. It's still just as catchy. Above, Katzman crushes the vocals on one of his tracks Vulfpeck has just released, Lonely Town. It reminds me of the Beatles and is clever, funny and touching.

1. The Accidentals

What can you say about The Accidentals? They set the bar for work ethic in the Michigan scene. They're talented, nerdy smart, and have impeccable taste and pop sensibility. They have exploded from two kids crafting string parts to a full-on national sensation, releasing their most recent album Odyssey under Sony Masterworks.


There are 5 of my favorite Michigan acts on the scene right now. Who do you think is missing from the list?

I'm going to try to write blogs more often, anything you'd like to hear about in particular?

Thanks for your ears and eyes. We will be releasing a new single soon, so keep your eyes peeled. (Here's the first one if you didn't catch it).

Don't forget to share below to big up all these musicians and guide your friends towards smart music choices ;).

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