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It's Tuesday!

You know what that means! Trash Day! Also, #TourTapesTuesday! This week we enter the Gypsy Swing Secret Special Track territory of Tour Tapes. Not technically on our EP, the only way to get a download of this track is to Pre-Order the Tour Tapes now! Or rip it off youtube... or just ask really nicely i suppose. The end of this video pays homage to all the folks around the country that have hosted us. It's timely, because for the last couple days we've been cozily holed up in Donnellson, Iowa at Camp Doug, a lovely farmhouse replete with hospitality including, but not limited to pie made by the Lady who literally wrote the book on pie!

Thanks Doug and Beth, and all of our other lovely hosts around the world! With no further ado, here's Minor Swing!

This week our tires touch Kansas City, Columbia, Davenport, and Manhattan KS. Then we're at Folk Alliance all week. Hope to see you round the great swinging sphere soon!


Brandon Worder-Smith

&The Appleseed Collective

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