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Dearest You,

First things first, a huge THANKS to everyone and everything that helped us cruise though this last 3 weeks in relative style. We love the east coast, and it was lovely to discover more and more of it (nooks&crannies, secret barn shows, towns off the beaten path, new humans et al.) We're all razzed up to be back in the Michiganian summer with shows this weekend in Berkley MI (O'Mara's Pub) and East Lansing (Pumpstock Roots Festival!). The week after we hit Madison WI, than Chicagoish, and then we head down the southern east coast near the end of June. More dates on the tour page, as always.

The Boys in a Van

One Last Thing! Today we finally put The Tour Tapes up on Bandcamp! If you download the whole album right now for only $5, you'll also get bonus tracks Minor Swing and Dinah for FREE!

All the love,

Brandon Worder-Smith


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